Moore Investigators in Quantum Materials

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) Initiative is a $185-million funding program whose goal is to accelerate progress in the field of quantum materials—solids and engineered structures characterized by novel quantum phases of matter and exotic cooperative behaviors of electrons.

Investigator awards are a cornerstone of EPiQS. The goal of this funding approach is to enable major scientific breakthroughs by providing some of the field’s most creative scientists with substantial resources and freedom to pursue challenging and novel research directions of their own choosing. We currently support nineteen EPiQS Experimental Investigators, whose primary expertise is in experimental probing of materials, and twelve EPiQS Materials Synthesis Investigators, who specialize in materials synthesis and discovery. Together, these two groups of researchers constitute the portfolio of Moore Investigators in Quantum Materials. The investigator awards are five-year grants, currently ranging in size between $1.5-1.9 million. Researchers from U.S. institutions who can show evidence of significant originality and seminal contributions to the field are encouraged to apply. Candidates should have an outstanding track record in experimental studies of quantum materials and/or materials synthesis. Successful candidates demonstrate a combination of the following qualities that sets them apart from other highly competent scientists in their field:

• They are recognized intellectual leaders in the field of quantum materials, consistently pushing it into new areas of inquiry;

• They help identify and pursue some of the most relevant questions in the field;

• They apply and/or develop advanced tools and methods that enable novel or superior approaches to probing or synthesizing quantum materials;

• They demonstrate outstanding promise of future original and innovative contributions;

• They are willing to take risks and explore unproven and uncertain research avenues.

EPiQS will have open solicitations for Materials Synthesis Investigators and Experimental Investigators in the first half of 2019. The investigators will be selected after an extensive and rigorous peer review process, which will engage some of the world’s foremost experts. 

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